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‘THANK-U, NEXT’ Cruelty-Free Strip Lashes


Lashes taught me love. Lashes taught me patience
Some caused me pain. But these are amazing
I’ve loved and I’ve lost some. But that’s not what matters
Look at what I’ve got. KMMS LASHES
And for that, I say… THANK-U, NEXT.

‘Thank-U, Next’ Cruelty-Free Strip Lashes

The KATE MITCHELL MAKEUP STUDIO cruelty-free strip lashes are the ultimate addition to any makeup look.

Whether you’re trying to find minimal, dramatic, intense or romantic false lashes, KATE MITCHELL MAKEUP STUDIO Cosmetics has you covered!

In fact, with eight unique styles to choose from, you will find the perfect lash look for every occasion right here at the KATE MITCHELL MAKEUP STUDIO online store.

As well as having cashmere-soft individual hairs, of our cruelty-free strip lashes have an ultra-soft seam for the ultimate in long-lasting comfort.

Not only are our false eyelashes hard-wearing but they are also washable and reusable.  With the correct care, you can get as many as 25 wears from just one pair!

As well as being presented in our beautiful branded floral boxes, you will also receive a tube of glue so when you receive your lashes, you have everything you need to get your glam on immediately!

At KATE MITCHELL MAKEUP STUDIO we are committed to only producing products that are 100% vegan and of course ALWAYS cruelty-free.

‘Thank-U, Next’

Main Material: Synthetic Mink
Product Colour: Deep Dark Black
Quantity: 1 Pair of Strip Lashes and 1 Tube of Glue

Item Made in China
Goods Shipped From UNITED KINGDOM

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